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Price: Minimum loan amount will not be less than Tk. 25,000/- Post By: Hasan সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: 16 Thursday 2020

It is a savings scheme for the education of children. It will ensure the future large sum of expenditure for education of the children. This plan is meant for the lower income clients to ensure their children’s education/ higher education.

Terms & Conditions:
Any person/persons can open this account singly or jointly.
A guardian on behalf of his/her minor can open this account but in this case the rules of minor account will be followed.
The monthly installment of this Plan is Tk. 1,000/- and its multiples but not exceeding Tk, 20,000/-.
A client can deposit in this plan according to her/his choice for 4/7/9/12 years. More than one account can be opened by the same depositor in the same branch.
Installment may be deposited within 20th of every month by cash/cheque or under the depositor’s instruction from another deposit account. If the 20th day of the month happens to be a holiday, the installment will be deposited by the next working day.
Advance installments may be deposited but no additional interest will be paid for this.
Late fees @ 2% of installment amount per month will be charged for failure to deposit the installment in time.
If the address of the depositor is changed, it should be informed instantly in writing.
If the depositor fails to pay 3 consecutive installments, the account will be closed and net payable amount will be transferred to link account (if any) or to Sundry Deposit account and the customer will be informed accordingly.
If the depositor wants to withdraw the accumulated money before 4 years for any unavoidable reason, payment will be made to him by adding simple interest at the prevailing savings rate to the amount deposited over the period but no interest will be paid if the account holder withdraws the deposited amount before 1(one) year.
If the depositor wants to close the account in between two maturity periods, e.g. 4 and 7 years or 7 and 9 years, s/he will be paid the full amount admissible for the immediate past maturity period and simple interest on the deposited amount at the prevailing savings rate for the rest period.
In case of death of the depositor, the plan will cease to function. The amount will be paid to the nominee (s) with applicable interest as per rules on proper identification.
Government tax/tax at source etc. will be deducted from the payable amount as per govt. rules.
Other terms and conditions shall be governed by the rules and regulations of Mutual Trust Bank Limited under the existing laws applicable in Bangladesh.
The bank also reserves the right to change the rules/procedures of the plan if deemed necessary.
Credit facility
The customer can avail loan up to 90% of the deposited amount. Minimum loan amount will not be less than Tk. 25,000/-
Monthly installment & Deposit
Amount in BDT
Effective from March 11, 2020