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Grameen Bank higher education student loan
Price: Ammount 50,000 Tk Post By: Kazi Abdur সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: 16 Thursday 2020

Grameen Bank disburses the higher education student loans and scholarships to its borrowers’ children. The GB higher education student loan can receive by a borrower for all of his children who are studying higher education in Bangladesh. Grameen Bank scholarships are awarding to Primary, Middle, High School, and Grade-12 college students in Bangladesh who have outstanding results (GPA 5.0) in their Grade-5, Grade-8, Secondary School Certificate (Grade-10) and Higher School Certificate exam (Grade 12). Grameen Shikka (Education), a sister organization of GB, also offering scholarships to the children of the borrowers of GB. More than 55,000 children are receiving awards from Grameen Bank and Grameen Shilkka in Bangladesh every year. The student loan receiving borrowers start their student loan repayment after one month of their last student loan receiving installment. The service charge 5% of the student loan starts from the day when the students finish their studies. A GB borrower can receive this GB higher education student loan only for his biological children, not for adopted children. The loan receiving borrower and his children must have a Bangladeshi citizenship nationality certificate. Recently, GB squeezes its operation even though the higher education student loan program has a huge demand in Bangladesh.