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Drawing Board A3 (with Easy Sliding Ruler)
Price: 2200 Tk Post By: Mehedi Hasan সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: 12 Sunday 2020

Stable Board made of ABS plastic
Compass plotting scale
Graduation with markings for format and paper margin
Easier sliding ruler system
Magnetic clamping rail for holding paper
Push-button stop-and-go mechanism. Free running mechanism
Additional locking
Additional corner clamp for holding paper
Protractor with inverse scale
For measuring and drawing of angles, horizontal and vertical lines
Scale with mm/cm marking

The ARTdiscount ISOmars Technical drawing range.

Technical drawing or drafting is the discipline of composing drawings that visually communicate the functionality of an object or product.

Often used to portray or visualise a project at design stage and in advance of actual manufacture or build. The draftsman needs access to a wide range of tools and materials including drawing boards, technical instruments, compasses, dividers, set squares and technical pens.